Thursday, March 27, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

OH EM GEE. I CAN HAZ INTERNET??! IN BED?? (Read: I love Joe! For fixing my wireless internets!)

Although I am blogging from class. (Read: Bad TA.) Hey, I heard this lecture already last semester.

I know I've been bad about keeping my resolution for this blog, both because of the internet and too many personal things going on in my life that needed higher priority. But at least I kept one of my other New Year's resolutions: Visit more friends!

Best hostess EVER

I very badly needed a change in scenery, so I took the opportunity to visit Chicago for a much-needed vacation to see my friend Jen from college!

Of course I took my camera with me. What kind of question is that?

We visited all sorts of places, from the Art Institute to the zoo to the conservatory (along with plenty of shopping (Read: omg too much!) and night life in between).
I've got plenty of pictures of things like cute animals and pretty flowers and fantastic, confusing art. But I found the pictures I liked the most? The intimate moments unknowingly captured.

Wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva...
Impressive Clergyman, from The Princess Bride

I have to say, I am most definitely my father's daughter. We both have a penchant for taking pictures of people over something like landscapes. I think, for me, I like taking pictures of people because I feel more connected, even if it is suspended in time. I can create a whole story and allow myself to dream exactly what they're feeling in the picture.

It is, of course, ten times more difficult to capture a truly candid intimate moment with your friends. It makes me wish I had a camera with a lens that views in one direction while pointing in another. Still, I managed to capture a few.

The birthday girl enjoys a bite of chocolate pie. Yummy.

Funny face.

A quiet moment at breakfast. The light is beautiful in this picture.

A (Ladies') Room with a View

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Anonymous said...

Yay! You has internet again! And I love the pictures you got of unsuspecting people! Those are always the ones I want but never feel ok about taking. Like they are watching me and don't want their picture taken. But those moments are so much more beautiful to me than most other photos.