Monday, April 20, 2009

Red Letter Day

**brushes off dust**

So...I haven't been taking pictures much this year...


That's because I disappeared into my studies. You know. The "real" reason I'm here.


Today I got my project to work! (Read: My boss might decide to keep me another year.)


I might not have been taking pictures since I've been spending so much time in the lab,


I did submit some of my photos from last year to some local contests.


Today I found out some of my photos were picked for two different publications!

This one of my friend Nick and his daughter is being published in the university's annual creative magazine review.


These two will be published as two out of a set of the four seasons for the university's coming of age birthday card series for 2009-10 that they send to every student when he or she turns 21.

I think you can guess at least one of the seasons I'm representing.

And to appease the masses, yes, new photos! With a new toy acquired since last year's Steel City Blues Festival, no less!

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